Enti benet, shu badik bel safar ?? !!

English Version below (You are a woman why do you want to go abroad?)

Lyom houwi l yom l 3alameh lal mar2a, forsa la ne7ki 3an l mara l lebneiniyeh l moughtaribeh aw li ken 3abeila teghterib aw 7ata tsefir tet3allam barra. Kam marra sme3ti hal jemleh “enti benet shu baddik bel safar”? Kam marra sme3ti “tjawazi w rou7o 3isho honik”? Ma toli3 3ala belik shi marra trou7i tet3allami barra metel ref2atik l shabeib?

3am bektob lyom la wajih ta7iyeh lal banet l lebneiniyeh yalli seifaro la barra yet3allamo aw yeshteghlo la7alon. Ta7iyeh la2ano hal banet 3erfo yetla3o men 3e2dit moujtama3oun. Ma 7ada yfakir enno 3am bethajam 3al benet li dallit hon, mech hayda l ma2soud, kel wa7ad 7orr yna2i 7ayeto…bass la oul la kel l banet eno zra3o bi wleidkoun boukra l enfitei7 w ma trabouwon 3ala 3e2ad ma ela moubarrir.

Seifro w t3allammo w shteghlo w rja3o la nrabi sawa jil jdid menfeti7 w wei3eh. Lyom sar fi ktir banet moughtaribet bass ba3dna b3ad men enno n7a2i2 tamaniyet kel benet…

Leh bass l shab baddo ysefir w yshouf w yet3allam w yeshteghil w yshem l hawa?

Yalla ya banet, 7orriyeh all the way…bass ntebho l 7orriyeh mas2ouliyeh

English Version

Today is the International Women’s Day, an occasion to talk about lebanese women abroad and women who wanted to go abroad for education or work purposes. How many times have you heard parents, relatives and even friends saying “You are a woman, you are not obliged to go abroad or you don’t have to”? Or “Marry him and go both live abroad”. Didn’t you feel sometimes that you want to go abroad continue your education or work like your male friends?

I am writing today to salute the lebanese women who went abroad for education and for work. I salute them because they knew how to escape our society’s complexity. But don’t think that I am attacking women who stayed here…everyone can decide his life, and I am talking about abroad women because of the blog’s theme. I want to say to all women : grow open mindedness in your children heads and ways of thinking, don’t raise them with the same complexes that we had.

Go abroad, learn, work and come back so we can raise together and open minded generation. It’s true that today a lot of women are going abroad but we are far away from reassign each woman’s dream

Why going abroad is only for men? Why does he have to see, experience and work in environments that you can’t reach?

Women, liberty all the way…but attention liberty equals responsability


6 responses to “Enti benet, shu badik bel safar ?? !!

  1. Thx lebanese engineer for your sweet thought! I don’t want to ruin your blog by writing an irrelevant comment, but it’s Women’s day, so you wouldn’t mind right? ☺

    So talking about Women’s day… I wish the problem in Lebanon was just about “enti benet, chou baddik bl safar?”, what about more basic issues like: “enti benet, la wein ray7a bhal 3atmé”, or “enti benet chou baddik bl siyesé” or “enti benet, mesh elik l handasé” … and all those excuses that starts and ends with “la2anno ente benet”!
    So what if “ana benet”? Does this mean I have less opportunities than a “chab”? Can someone explain to me what’s the difference between us anyway?
    Yes she might be too emotional, but isn’t he too aggressive? He might be stronger physically, but she is stronger with her multitasking prowess and so on… We all have our weaknesses and strengths! So how could anyone define what can or can’t we do?

    We lebanese, are proud! Proud to be in a democratic country, proud of our history and culture, proud to be open minded… And Yes, we should be! But I actually think that there’s a lot hidden behind this open yet conservative society… Things we may not be really proud about…

    Conclusion, “la2anno ente benet” show your family, your country and then the world, what you can do, in Lebanon AND abroad!

    • Don’t worry you are the most welcome and comments like yours are highly appreciated. I totally agree with you but i didn’t talk about all that because i didn’t want to expand the article and to leave other things to the comments and discussions like yours 😀

  2. One thing that stands out here is that you chose a great way to communicate your thoughts. Not assuming readers are Arabic or English readers but rather both. I think one problem with Lebanese bloggers is that they are very much a “priviliged” group- I dont think we represent the average Joe and we aren’t necessarily accessible. While writing in both Arabic and English is still not accessible to all but at least people whom can’t read just English or just Arabic can read your page, something many pages lack.

    I know this has nothing to do with the post but I admire that you have done that. I wish I could do the same 🙂

  3. Thank you, in fact it’s not easy at all, and you can notice that the last post wasn’t translated because it was too long and I felt that maybe I won’t be abel to transfer the message so I let it in arabic because the subject was about being arab. Well in fact I wanted to translate first because I wanted my friends abroad to understand what I am writing because they always loves when I told them things about cultural differences and how we lebanese think. Also there may be people who prefer to read in english or others that may read my blog threw internet. I have to admit that it isn’t easy but I am using this to improve my english writing, The main issue is that I still can’t get the same feeling to the arabic I am more comfortable…

    Anyway thank you for your comments 😀

  4. Ana benet lebneniyi 3am a3mel teb (medicine) bi Fransa (France). 2ariban lezim na2i ekhtisas, fa lama yes2alouni bi lebnen chou badik ta3emli, w jewoubon eno ma32ouli a3mel jira7a…95% men el3alam bi2oulo “sa3beh eljira7a lal benet, ma tensi eno 7a ysir 3endik wled” wel 5% el be2yin bi2oulouli “akid 7a techteghli bi fransa la2an hone ma7ada byekhod jerra7 mara” … ye3ni chi byerfa3 elras…moujtama3 w 3alam ma 2elon 3ale2a bil infite7.
    PS: men yalli jewbouni hek, ken fi ktir tellab medicine bi lebnen (chi ktir 7elo)

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