This post is written by one of the lebanese immigrants in Sweden. Thank you to Fadi Bitar for sharing his post. I want through this post to ask everyone who wants to post something that suits the subject of the blog, to contact me.

People in Göteborg often ask me “What’s it like to live in Beirut ?”, and while at first I had a rather hard time drawing up a clear picture, as I learnt more about life in Göteborg, describing Beirut became much easier. I usually start with:

Imagine the exact opposite of Göteborg

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2 responses to “BEIRUT VS GÖTEBORG by Fadi Bitar

  1. Blog about social stuff happening in Lebanon taboo stuff 😀

  2. Yalla soon nchallah.

    Btw taboo subjects in Lebanon are not taboo anymore with the same persons but abroad…

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