An immigrant’s mother-أم الغربة

English version below (the translation isn’t really the same, the title and some sentences won’t have the wanted meaning if translated…)

مدام، كم ولد عندك إسمالله ؟

المدام: تلات أولاد ل الله…وللغربة…فلو كلن…ما بقى في حدا حدي…ربيتون كل شبر بندر وركضت فيون من ملجأ ل ملجأ بالحرب…وينون ليوم ؟ أخدتن مني كندا وفرنسا وأفريقيا والبرازيل…هيدي مكافأتي؟ قلي هاي هييي؟ شوف ولادي وولاد ولادي عم يكبرو بعيد عني؟

إيه نعم أنا إم … بس كس إم الغربة

بي عيد الأم ما فيي ما إكتب ل أوصف حرقة قلب امي وكل أم عند ولد مغترب…بس إذا بدي بلش ما راح أخلص…فبكتفي بي هل حوار…وينعاد على كل أم…

English version

Madame, how many children do you have?c

Madame: I have three children…but none of them is here…they left the country…there are nobody near me…I raised them with sweat and tears, and run with them from shelter to shelter during the civil war..where are they? They took them from me, yes Canada, France, Africa and Brazil did…Is this my reward? Tell me is it? Seeing my children and grand children growing up far from my eyes?c

In the occasion of the Mother’s day, I feel obliged to write and describe the sadness of my mother and every immigrant’s mother…but if I want to begin writing it will be endless so I’ll stay with this short conversation…and happy Mother’s day


6 responses to “An immigrant’s mother-أم الغربة

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  2. 😦 writing will be endless i know

  3. Sometimes, writing a little paragraph can be way more emotional…

  4. I just discovered your blog and allow me to say that these words are precious…i am an immigrant myself and i feel awful especially on mother’s day…Check our blog from time to time : toomextra.

    • Thank you very much for your comment and your opinion 😀
      And as an immigrant if you feel like sharing your experience by commenting or writing a post on this blog as a guest don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂

  5. I think you should write a reply to this post from a mother who lost one of her sons in a explosions in Lebanon, or during the war …

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