Paul Orfalea – A Hyperactive Dyslexic Lebanese Brilliant Immigrant

Paul Orfalea, Kinko

Name: Paul Orfalea

Year of Birth: 1948

Place of Birth: Los Angeles

Parents: Both lebanese descent

Lebanese village: NA

Does he recognize his Lebanese roots? YES, see below for more details.

Net Worth: 250 Million Dollars according to CelebrityNetWorth

Main Achievement: Founder of “Kinko’s” a.k.a “FedEx Office” after its 2.4 Billion Dollars acquisition by FedEx in 2004.


His Life:
Nicknamed “Kinko” because of his curly hair, Paul Orfalea had a major educational problem, he was dyslexic. As a second–grade student in a Catholic school classroom, Orfalea could not recite the alphabet. His mother tried hard with numerous specialists to help Orfalea overcoming his problem but dyslexia prevented him from being a brilliant student in high-school and even in college where he majored in business. He always wanted to begin his own business and linked that to his Lebanese roots when saying in an interview: “My family is Lebanese, and when we were growing up, I never knew anybody who had a job — everyone always had their own business.” Orfalea began operating a roadside vegetable stand near his parents’ home to earn extra-money.  His mother was a real Lebanese woman because of the two major things that she always wanted her son to do: “Saving enough money so you can start a business and getting enough sleep”. That’s what Orfalea did when he decided to overcome his dyslexia and decided that someday he’ll hire someone for the reading and the writing. in 1970 he began a small business in a 100$/month garage near his university campus where he sold school supplies and copies. Guess what was the name of this small business? I bet you figured out, yes, Kinko’s. 9 years later Kinko’s branches totaled 80, covering 28 states. in 2004, FedEx acquired Kinko’s with a value of 2.4 Billion Dollars.
Orfalea is also a philanthropist. He founded the “Orfalea Foundation“. The Orfalea Family Foundation is committed to improving the life for children and families through learning opportunities, and to supporting sustainable systemic change in the community and around the world. Established in 2000, the Orfalea Family Foundation is a private nonprofit foundation that serves and reflects the personal choices of the Orfalea family.
With the philanthropy we close this short article about a lebanese genius who overcame a lot of difficulties and made his dream come true, hoping that someday “Orfalea Foundation” will support high quality early care, education and assistance of underprivileged in Lebanon.

5 responses to “Paul Orfalea – A Hyperactive Dyslexic Lebanese Brilliant Immigrant

  1. Bravo ! Tu sais, j’ai ma propre histoire avec FedEx 🙂
    Je te la raconterai un de ces jours.

  2. Merci 🙂 Et j’espère que ce jour arrivera prochainement 🙂

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