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A land where they sweep all the world’s shit

9 Homes

  I live in a chaotic place they call a country. But what’s a country if its own people do not relate to its history and do not agree on their origins? What’s a country if the number of foreigners is equal to that of citizens? What’s a country if no one agrees where the real borders are even though half of them is actually just the sea? What’s a country if there’s no leaders and those who think they are, are illiterate wannabe Gods? What’s a country if there’s no clear applied regime? What’s democracy if i’m nearly 30 and I’ve never ever voted for anything except my class president when I was a kid? What’s a country if the basic living essentials are not provided like water and electricity? What’s a country if nothing is organized and law is not enforced? What’s a country if we can’t take…

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