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How do Lebanese abroad see Lebanon and what do Lebanese in Lebanon reply?

A land where they sweep all the world’s shit

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  I live in a chaotic place they call a country. But what’s a country if its own people do not relate to its history and do not agree on their origins? What’s a country if the number of foreigners is equal to that of citizens? What’s a country if no one agrees where the real borders are even though half of them is actually just the sea? What’s a country if there’s no leaders and those who think they are, are illiterate wannabe Gods? What’s a country if there’s no clear applied regime? What’s democracy if i’m nearly 30 and I’ve never ever voted for anything except my class president when I was a kid? What’s a country if the basic living essentials are not provided like water and electricity? What’s a country if nothing is organized and law is not enforced? What’s a country if we can’t take…

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An immigrant’s mother-أم الغربة

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English version below (the translation isn’t really the same, the title and some sentences won’t have the wanted meaning if translated…) مدام، كم ولد عندك إسمالله ؟ المدام: تلات أولاد ل الله…وللغربة…فلو كلن…ما بقى في حدا حدي…ربيتون كل شبر بندر وركضت … Continue reading


يعني انتو عرب؟

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تخيلو معي المشهد التالي : ثلاث لبنانيي وواحد فرنساوي واقفين عام يشربو قهوة بعد الغدا في ما يعتبر من عادات الفرنسويي بي حيالله شركة بتحترم حالها بي فرنسا. اللبنانيي ثلاث شباب والفرنساوي زميل بالشغل من عمر اهلنا وزلمي فهمان ومطلع. … Continue reading



This post is written by one of the lebanese immigrants in Sweden. Thank you to Fadi Bitar for sharing his post. I want through this post to ask everyone who wants to post something that suits the subject of the blog, to … Continue reading


Enti benet, shu badik bel safar ?? !!

English Version below (You are a woman why do you want to go abroad?) Lyom houwi l yom l 3alameh lal mar2a, forsa la ne7ki 3an l mara l lebneiniyeh l moughtaribeh aw li ken 3abeila teghterib aw 7ata tsefir … Continue reading